Christopher Hirsh
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Breath and Sounding

Deep breathing and natural sound making to tone the body’s nervous system.

Breath and Sounding is offered in-person and remotely, via zoom, and FaceTime.


the breath and sounding therapeutic Approach

This new approach brings the body and nerves out of “fight or flight” response and into a state of relaxation and calm. When the body can breathe naturally and release stress and emotion safely and spontaneously, it will begin to repair it self and balance is restored.

Prolonged or repeated trauma response can cause hyper-stimulation of the vagus nerve (the sympathetic nervous system), causing the body to feel “on-edge” or “wired” all the time, rather than only when there is real need. This practice reactivates and strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” state of being.

The practice of Breath and Sounding builds trust in your Self and creates an abundant, joyful connection with your needs and healthy expression. It empowers your ability to heal and live abundantly.

Sessions are 1:1, trauma-informed, confidential, and involve guided meditation, breath coaching, simple anatomy of the breathing and vocal systems, supported sound exploration, sound and vibration healing, and if requested, hands-on or hands-near energy healing.

Be with your breath. Tune in to your Self. Strengthen your confidence.

Give yourself the freedom

to feel what you want and to speak what you feel (when you want to do so).


Breath and Sounding

Is a revolutionary practice.

Provides access to full, deep breathing.

Is a body-based approach to healing that combines breath coaching, guided meditation, and supported sound exploration.

Activates the parasympathetic nervous system and down-regulates overwhelm of the vagus nerve (Fight or Flight).

Goes with you, throughout your day, where ever you are.

Builds natural vocal volume, vocal confidence, and vocal tone through relaxation and resonance.

Brings you back in to flow with your Self.


What is the voice?

The ‘way’ we make sound or the mechanics of speech, is located in the physical body: the act of breathing, muscles and bones such as the diaphragm, the voice box, our tongue, mouth, and jaw.

The ‘why’ we make sound or the subtle voice, is less concrete, though still part of the body. This is the inspiration for speaking or sounding, the tone of our voice, how we communicate our basic needs, our desires, and our emotions.


January 2019

After our sessions and whenever utilizing the tools given from our time together, the channel between my heart and voice feels open and clear. I would highly recommend Christopher as a voice coach to anyone who wants to explore the unique and powerful sound of their voice with a compassionate and knowledgable human being.

-Emily Dalsfoist-

Yoga Teacher | Musician | Healer