Christopher Hirsh
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Biofield Tuning with Reiki

“Reiki” is a Japanese word that is translated to “life force energy.”


Benefits include:

Replenishing your natural energy.

Revitalizing your emotions and sense of Self.

Clearing and releasing old or stagnant energies.

Strengthening of organs and energy centers (Chakras).

Grounding and centering in moments of change.


How does Christopher practice Reiki?

Christopher practices and offers the movement, or medicine, of Reiki as universal love energy.

It is the natural, positive, growth-oriented, and caring, compassionate force of our higher Self.

This medicine is already present in all beings.

This medicine is much older than the modern history of Reiki (circa 1914), perhaps as old as energy healing itself. Human beings have worked via the laying on of hands, and by using breath, sound, and shaking, to heal and restore dis-ease for the whole of our shared history.

Christopher honors the gentle, nurturing practice of Reiki passed to us by Master Mikao Usui.

From Christopher: “Though my lineage for laying on of hands grows with various roots, without the grace and acumen of Master Usui’s teachings, I would not carry the medicine that I do. I honor both his initial knowledge, and the spirit of evolution.”

Christopher’s practice is consent driven and trauma-informed. While Reiki is traditionally offered by the laying on of hands, touch is not required for the benefits to be received. He offers this medicine with hands-on or hands-near according to your wishes.


Can you describe a session?

The first part of any session is a short conversation or check-in. Christopher will listen to the fullness of your state and needs, and guide you through the process of setting an intention. Christopher will then ask verbally for initial consent for hands-on touch (consent is always on-going and moment by moment), and lead a short beginning ritual.

Reiki is offered through clothes, or a sheet, on a massage table. You may wear any loose-fitting, or comfortable clothes that work for you.

The first half of the offering is the clearing portion and moves from the head to the feet as you are face-up on the table. The second is the instilling portion and moves from the feet to the head as you are face down, if comfortable.
Every session ends with a small ritual, a cup of water or tea, and time to process, if needed.

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 Extended Healing

For clients wishing to deepen their relationship with their own healing process, Christopher offers a blended modality approach that supports and enriches your journey with the medicine of Self.

To amplify the scope of hands-on or hands-near medicine Christopher calls on his skills as a breath coach and meditation guide, and additional tools such as intuitive guidance, shaking, sounding, sound tools, stone allies (crystals), and the burning of certain plant allies.

Please read further to better understand the themes that permeate this work from my perspective as a medicine carrier.

Extended Healing in Multi-dimensional and non-linear Time

From Christopher:

“My intuitive guidance contains a particular sensitivity to the frequency and wounds of unsettled death, or death pain, in non-linear time.

If you have received knowledge of past-life, multi-dimensional, or non-linear events related to death or death pain that you would like to process, clear, and heal then we can bring this into the space together as a known quantity, through intention and ritual.

If you do not have any specific knowledge, but feel called to explore this work, then we can create an intention, ritual, and request to discover those events together.”

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Extended Healing for Generational and Racial Trauma

From Christopher:

“Cultural inequity and oppression create cycles of trauma that effect us all. Modern medicine is beginning to measure and study what has long been known to traditional medicine carriers: that trauma, pain, and suffering, when suppressed and disregarded, passes from parents to children, refracting across generations.

Extended Healing sessions trust in intuitive healing, which can occur with or without specific DNA or family tree knowledge, repairing and restoring the roots of historical traumas both in our current lives and bodies, and in a non-linear fashion in the lives and bodies of our lineage.

As a person with White European ancestry, I believe that generational trauma in my history needs compassionate and direct healing and I offer this medicine for those with White bodies and European ancestry specifically as that is my lived experience and lineage.

Any individual with Indigenous, Black, blended ancestry, or ancestry of color, who wish to work through their trauma with a White bodied person who is dedicated to repair, I am honored and prepared to work in that way as well.”

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