Christopher Hirsh
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Christopher Hirsh

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I am an medicine carrier, intuitive coach, artist, justice activist, facilitator, and storyteller.

I have worked as a healer, teaching artist, facilitator, activist and performer across the United States and Europe. I hold an MFA in Performance Technique from the University of Connecticut and I have trained extensively in trauma-informed care, active listening, emotional presence, energy medicine (Reiki and other non-appropriative cross-cultural ancient practices), Yoga, presence, ritual and ceremony, psychological first aid (focus on racialized trauma), vocal production, the Linklater technique, the Fitzmorris technique, and the Alexander Technique.


Christopher Hirsh

Healer | Coach | Facilitator | Activist | Artist

As a healer, coach, facilitator and activist, my focus and intention is to:

1. Create a safe(r) and welcoming space for you to engage playfully with your own Self and goals.

2. Foster your awareness of the tools for liberation and healing already available to you and increase your supply of these tools as requested.

3. Motivate your application of these tools and knowledge to your daily life so that your may witness and enjoy your growth, change, and life!













My Teachers

Reiki | Energy Practices | Intuition | Human Design

- Datch Baudish -

Yoga | Leadership | Trauma-Informed Practices | Integrity

- Angelina Vasile -

Psychological First Aid

- Resmaa Menakem -

Ritual | Ceremony | Prayer

- Gregory Jamiel -

Social Justice and Racial Equity Facilitation

- Teri Pierson, Carlos Windham, Dare Sohei -

- Sandy Bacharach, Kellie Shaw, Shepsu Aakhu -

Pilates | Movement | Discipline

- Greg Webster -

Voice | Breath | Expansiveness

- Kristin Linklater -

The Alexander Technique

- Elizabeth Huebner -

Mindfulness | Gratitude | Compassion

- Thich Nhat Hanh -

*I have not studied w/ Thay in-person, nonetheless, he is my Teacher.

Trancendental Meditation

- Michael Huddleston -

Voice | Breath | Fitzmorris Technique

- Dudley Knight -

Clown | Play | Belief in the Non-Ordinary

- Stephen Buescher -

Shakespeare | Passion | History

- John Schmor -

*With the exception (noted above) of Thich Nhat Hanh, I have been honored to receive the teachings of these individuals in person. I am qualified to teach many of these techniques or states of being, however; this, more than certifications, is a list of my values and pursuits, and a marker of respect and gratitude for my lineage.


Inhale | Exhale









Equitable Access

Varied cultural oppressions have systemically prevented many individuals from their inherent right and natural ability to heal. While all of us are affected, I witness the disproportionate impact experienced by Black people, Indigenous people, People of Color, Transgender people, Queer people, immigrants, and womxn.

I am dedicated to using the privileges I carry to create equitable access to energy healing and medicine and to remaining present to the lived experience of any and all who place their trust in me when seeking healing.

Please email me via the form below if you believe this applies to you and you’d like to build an equitable relationship to healing with me. I’d be honored and grateful for your trust!